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You’re going to be way off if you don’t know who your target audience is on your Instagram


If you’re not keeping up with your IG insights, then you’re going to be way off when you’re creating content for your followers. The biggest mistake most people make is not keeping up with their Instagram Insights and guessing what type of content to post.  If you’re not sure where to find Insights I’m posting step by step on how to find them.

Step 1

Go to your main profile page then click on the 3 lines at the top right corner.

Step 2

Click on Insights.  If your page is NOT a business page then this option will NOT come out.  If you have it as a personal page then you have to switch it to Business.  Then the Insights will come out and give you the info.  Be aware if you are barley switching it you will have to wait about a week for your insights to come out.

Step 3

You’ll see Activity, Content and Audience.  Click on Audience

Step 4

Then your Top Locations will come out.  This is based on all the people that follow you on your IG. If you’re a local restaurant for example you’re going to want most of your followers to be from your area.  Then below Top Locations, you’ll see Age Range. For my personal IG, 25-34 are the top followers, then followed by 34-44.

Step 5

Under Age Range you’ll see Gender.  Here is where IG will let you know the % of who follow you the most.  For my personal account it’s 53% Men & 47% Women. It’s crazy that it’s almost even, but I know my target audience and I know what type of content to post.  Below Gender you’ll see the Times that your Followers are on. You need to know this information so you know what time of the day to post.  Rule of thumb is at 9am, 12pm & 6pm.  You have to post at these times to test which time works best

Now that you have collected all of your data and information from your Insights you’ll have better knowledge of what type of content to post on your IG.  Is your audience between the ages of 24-34 that live in your city and mostly women? Then you know that women between these ages like fun colors, shapes and love fashion.


I always tell my clients to plan out content for their IG 2 weeks in advance.  Plan around holidays, National Day of…, and major events. Align your content to match your products and services along with what your target audience loves.

To Recap what you need to learn from your IG Insights:

  • Top Locations
  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Time your followers are logging on IG
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